Home CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Smoke Fume Filter for £450 MM

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Smoke Fume Filter for £450 MM

Sale price £450.00 GBP
CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Smoke Fume Filter for £450 MM

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Smoke Fume Filter for £450 MM

Smoke Fume Filter for CO2 Laser Cutting Machine 

The CO2 laser air filter cutting machine represents a significant advancement in air purification technology, specifically designed to address the issue of smoke and particulate matter generated during laser cutting processes. What sets this innovation apart is its passive nature, meaning it operates without requiring active intervention or constant adjustments. The system efficiently captures and filters out harmful airborne particles and gases, such as those produced by laser cutting materials. By utilizing cutting-edge filtration mechanisms, the machine ensures that the air within the workspace remains clean and free from pollutants. This not only enhances the health and safety of operators by reducing their exposure to potentially harmful substances but also contributes to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly working ecosystem  overall.

1.Application: for laser cutting, engraving, marking machine to filtrate laser fume &toxic gas; 
2.CE Certification

PA-700FS  Activated Carbon Filter for laser cutting/engraving Acrylic/Plastic/Paper

1. Strict welding and painting technology achieve to high tightness and corrosion resistance cabinet.

2. Specific sound-absorbing materials reduce operating noise to improve operation efficiency.

3. This Fume Extraction use China blower, high pressure, low noise. It can effectively absorb particle and extend filter life of less power.

4. PA-700FS filtration system consist of four parts, they are metal filter, F5 class pre-filter, HEPA main filter and gas filter.

(a). Well-proportioned holes to ensure that large dust particles are trapped on the metal filter, to prevent them block the pre-filter.

(b). F5 class pre-filter comprised by cotton and metal mesh, full-thickness adhesive, can be adsorbed middling particles in the air to avoid main filter is blocked.

(c). Main filter consists of efficient HEPA element, in independent tests, these filters remove 99.997% of all particles above 0.3 microns and 95% down to 0.01 micron.

(d). Gas filter layer formed by the chemical materials can effectively remove harmful gases and pungent odour in the air.